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Someone attended a lecture hosted by “natural UI” people, and reported that the man said, “We don’t want this thing  anymore.”  He was referring to the “command line”.

If they don’t want that anymore, why do they still want computer keyboards, or text entry boxes where you can type in a name, address, or other string data?  Why do they pretend they still want textual computer languages, when what they really want is a uniform iconic ‘language’ representation which is (arguably) understandable by everyone?

The fact is, they don’t want keyboards either, but aren’t bold enough to reveal the depth of their hostility toward us because right today if they said that, we’d put them in a rubber room somewhere.

But tomorrow they’ll have a little barcode that does everything the keyboard used to do; and that’s what they are working for and developing all of their new and more “advanced” GUI models for.  So they can replace your name and identity with something you’ll never understand or figure out no matter how long you live.  And if you don’t become a reflection of it, they’ll jail you and forget about you.

No doubt you’ll disbelieve this, and go right on humoring the insane and letting them dictate the course of development no matter how far they debilitate the functionality of textual language and its accompanying compiler or interpreter interfaces.  All these tyrants need is a method of generating more hypnotic and suggestive imagery that will undermine your concepts and defray their cohesiveness so that they can hold your intellect suspended by a fine thread of speculative involvement in the notion that somehow your hopes and dreams will materialize out of a forest of icons.

You’ve already lost your reason, because you, just like this attendee, will go to lectures hosted by idiots and lap it all up just to feel like you’re part of the ‘in’ crowd.  That’s more important to you and all of your peers than anything the ‘common man’ says or does; and the lecturer knows it:  He built his career on it.