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The pattern for the Knock, Knock joke is well enough known that it shouldn’t need explanation.  So here’s an explanation anyway: 

Person 1 dialog is in normal typeface.  Person 2 dialog is italicized.  Here are a couple of examples…

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Who, who?
What are ya?  An owl?

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Didge, who?
Did I what?

Here’s a short list of these puns that I came up with a while back.  Only the person 1 responses are given.

Boo!  /  What’re ya cryin’ for?
Hutch!  /  Need a hanky?
Who.  /  What are ya?  An owl?
Say:  /  Who.
Havoc.  /  Not since Santiago.
One at.  /  a-three, a-four, …
Tyersh.  /  No thanks.  I’ll tie it myself.
Goog.  /  Quit that baby-talk!
Didge.  /  Did I what?
No, he’s not!  /  [no response]

I can’t guess how many of these you might have heard before, although at the time I came up with them, I’d never heard them before.
Well, it’s one more thing to ’round out’ the content of the Internet, you know!

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