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Blogamy:  Having more than one tantrum.

Separation of Church and State:   The situation where you pray to God and pay your taxes to the devil.

Policy:  Taking a battle-axe to everybody around, when all it would take to fix the problem would be to take a sword and run one guy through.

Media:  They call it media, when there’s nothing medial about it; just the extremal and uni-directional instead.

Monarchy:  A state governed by black-and-white television.

Stupidity:  The notion that you have a license to be obnoxious.

Bourgeois-de-vivre:  The laughter of fools late at night in Lock Haven’s old Fallon Hotel.

Hyperassociative lexiconitis:  A tetanus-like disorder of the cerebral cortex symptomatologically accompanying the form of repetitive electromotion disorder which affects dendritic morphology and development after sustained exposure to hypertext.  See:  hyperlexia, cortico-URLative dermatoma, carcinolexis.

Congratulationarianism:  The one thing the Repugilisticans and the Demographicats have in common.

Gatesean:  Maximal program-memory-model order-of-magnitude; i.e., "…tiny, small, compact, large, huge, giant, gigantic, megalithic, colossal, gargantuan, behemoth, sumo-sized, Gatesean…"

Enemies, modern:  Although the Medes and the Persians may not like us much, they are not our worst enemies.  Our worst enemies are the Medias and the Perversions.

Masochism:  Inflicting gratuitous self-punishment; for example, using aspartame.

…to be continued

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